Pops Q Tool

Pretty much the most versatile, bada** bbq accessory you’ll ever own.

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Price: $60.00
Made in the USA


See the Pops Q Tool in Action

Eliminate your collection of BBQ tools with the Pops Q tool. Our functional grilling multi-tool is designed to handle anything you can barbecue. We have taken it camping, used it in the backyard and even put it in the hands of competitive BBQ masters for the ultimate test. We are so proud of our product that we offer an unconditional warranty. That's right unconditional, if you are not happy with our gear at any time for any reason, get in touch with us - we will make it right.



Tool 1 - The Spatula

The Spatula is the workhorse of the Pops Q Tool. Made from 304 Stainless Steel for superior strength and rust resistance and measuring 3.25” tall by 3.5” wide, this spatula excels at handling everything you BBQ from large burgers to slender fish fillets. Stone ground 45° front section increases ease of use. 

Tool 2 - The Fork

The four pronged fork is designed to maximize control over food on the grill by itself and when paired with the spatula. It’s extremely useful to stabilize food on the grill for cutting or positioning. The angled tips also work well for roasting marshmallows, and fending off wild creatures who wander into camp.  

Tool 3 - The Mega-Tongs

This is THE FEATURE that sets the Pops Q Tool apart from every other BBQ tool in the world: The fork slides into the spatula and creates the ultimate Mega-Tong. The large tongs provide full versatility at the grill, for flipping, adjusting and then serving anything you can grill – from Flank Steak to Flaky Lettuce to Shish Kabobs and Shashimi!



Tool 4 - The Grill Scraper

We used to have a separate grill cleaning brush hanging on our grill, always full of crud and attracting our dog. Our dog is now the only one saddened by the well designed, and thoroughly tested, V Design grill scraper on the bottom of the Knife. It works equally well on small hibachi or large Forest Service grate – because a clean grill means a better tasting meal.

Tool 5 - The Knife

We start by laser cutting the initial serrations into the 304 Stainless Steel, then we stone grind both sides to get the correct cutting angle. The result is a serrated knife that easily cuts meats, veggies, and bread on the grill. It’s both a time saving feature, and a little reward maker for the grill master of the day – for who doesn’t love a little “sample” off the end when grilling?

Tool 6 - The Bottle Opener

Grilling and cold beverages go hand in hand. Some of us like beer, others like bottled soda, but we all agree that easily opening those bottles without having to go back inside for a bottle opener is better. Best way to use the opener is to hold the spatula towards the sky, it works upside down as well but it requires more effort.