1970's is when this all started. In addition to being the decade of my birth, it was when my Pop received the early version of what became Pops Q Tool. Given as a closing gift on a real estate purchase (Mortgages at 18% interest!) the tool would become a constant companion at my Pop's grill for the next 30 years. 

Jump ahead to 2012 and I am showing my Parents around my new manufacturing shop for RISING, the fly fishing tool company I founded and run. As I showed what each of the old solid machines from the 1970s could do with metal my Pop exclaimed that I was now in a position to make his favortie BBQ tool. He had dabbled for a few years in trying to find a replacment pair or make a few for him and his friends, and I had made some overseas for him, but nothing turned out exceptional.

On hearing this, my wonderful Mother exclaimed "listen to your father. You know he's tried every damn BBQ tool out there and he keeps coming back to the old standby. He deserves better, you should make them for him."

I was convinced we could make a fantastic, versatile, all in one BBQ tool - and we did.


My Pop loves the Pops Q Tool and has been using an original prototype for the last year. When I showed him how I could custom mark the handle with names, dates, and Company logos he exclaimed "have to love technology, where's the cool website for these."  Here it is Pop, here it is.

Dylan Rothwell - Owner