Made in the USA | Pops Q Tool

Pops Q Tool is part of RISING, a company that designs and manufactures fishing tools, packs, and apparel.  American manufacturing has always been a priority at Rising, and over the last 7 years we have assembled a great collection of used metal working machines to allow that to happen. Our shop allows us to build, test, destroy, and then build again, and test again and so on until we are satisfied with the finished product.

In 2012 we started working on prototypes and developing our production system to create Pops Q Tool. The first dozen were solely for Dylan’s “Pop,” but once he was satisfied we made more for close friends, who in turn wanted some for their friends which lead us to large scale production and this website for facilitating the sale of a customizable Pops Q Tools for every grilling enthusiast in America.

This is not your average cheap, off-shore made, big box store product.  This is a 100% Designed and Manufactured in AMERICA BBQ Multi-Tool. It is made with the best 304 Stainless Steel and Glass/Nylon, and it is backed by an Unconditional Warranty because it’s made better to last a lifetime.

To make the purchase even more meaningful we offer customers the ability to customize their Pops Q Tool with a gift message, your name or your company logo to make it even more special. A personalized Pops Q Tool is the best gift to give or receive. 



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Our Manufacturing Process

We pride ourselves on the fact that we design, source, manufacture and assemble the Pops Q Tool in the USA. We start with american made stainless steel which is laser cut, we press ribs into the steel on our own cutom made fixtures to increase strength, grind the edges for spatula and knife, bend it another custom set of fixtures, and then tumble in special media to give the metal a matte finish that's easier to clean.  Our specially designed injection molded glass/nylon handles are laser engraved and then assembled with super glue augmenting the robust molded connection points.  Taking it a step further we then laser engrave a message or your company's logo to personalize your Pops Q Tool.  



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Our Promise

The Pops Q Tool is backed with an Unconditional Warranty. That's exactly what it sounds like. We designed and manufactured the Pops Q Tool and stand behind it forever. That is Unconditional, and that is the type of warranty we can offer because our products use the best American made Stainless Steel for the spatula and fork and the best glass/nylon for the handle. IF you are not happy with our gear at any time for any reason, get in touch with us - we will make it right.