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  • Grill a Better Steak

    Want to make a better streak but end up getting lost in cook books? Here are some simple tips to remember. 

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  • Mama Kay's Famous Flank Steak

    Do you have that one recipe from your childhood that you just can't get enough of? That friends and neighbors constantly request when they come over for dinner?  Well, this flank steak recipe was my all-time favorite grilled dish that my mom made for us, but only on special occasions. A simple recipe that will elevate your grill skills from a ho-hum flank steak, to a DANG! that's-the-best-darn-steak-I've-ever-had! And its a perfect time to use the mega-tongs on your Pops Q Tool, barbecue grilling tool.

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  • Grilling Crab Legs with Cedar Planks

    Our friends over at Outdoor Gourmet used our Pops Q Grilling Multi Tool to prepare these awesome Crab Legs on cedar planks.  It's a very simple recipe and will give a unique smoky flavor to the delicate crab meat. To eat, we recommend removing the meat from the shells and dipping it in clarified butter seasoned with some smoked salt. 

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  • Grilling Spicy Asparagus

    Grilling Asparagus is easy and satisfying but isn't always an option. That's when the frying pan comes in handy. Here is a recipe and directions to help you make spicy asparagus regardless of what you cook them on. 

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  • Campfire Cactus Grilling.

    Can you grill Cactus? Is it Good? Nope - but you can stab it. 

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