Charcoal grilling in Montana

Charcoal grilling in Montana

Montana is an incredible state, and we were lucky enough to spend a few days there at our friend's cabin on a lake. Nothing better than fishing in the warm Montana sun, and then hanging out by the fire with our kids while we BBQ outdoors with charcoal on the classic Weber. Our friends loved the 18" Pops Q Tool that we gifted and it is now a permanent fixture at their cabin.

Pops Q Tool new home in Montana

Child friendly - Small girl using Pops Q Tool to hold plastic plate

Our friends loved the capabilities of their new Pops Q Tool. The intense heat of the charcoal grill meant that they were constantly moving the steak, chicken and veggie burgers around the grill. The Tong feature allowed them to do so much easier than with the lame little tongs and single flat spatula they were using. 

Pops Q Tool standing in ready position as charcoal heats up

Pops Q Tool in ready position as charcoal heats up.

Action Shots - Chicken First on Grill

No medium-rare action on the Chicken, it goes on first.

Grilling in Montana with Pops Q tool

Mega-Tong versatility is what makes Pops Q Tool so spectacular

Pops Q Tool - Mega-Tong action

It's cool for us to be able to share what we designed and manufactured, and even cooler that what we've created has all the characteristics of a perfect family cabin tool: strong enough for lifetime of use (abuse), easy to clean, easy to use and American made. Pops Q Tool is perfect companion to the cast iron frying pan and ceramic coffee mugs that already live at this great cabin.