R&D getting to production

R&D getting to production

MADE in America means we control the whole process which also means we had to build the tooling and production process. 


Before the final handle mold was milled, we had many different handle shapes and textures that got tested. 

Note the blue rubber finger pads that did not make it into production.

Different Handle Options

Our CNC Knee Mill was produced in the 1970's, but it's a dependable cast iron workhorse that we love. Here we are using it to create tooling for the grinding of the spatula and serrated knife edge.

Using Mill to make fixture

Traced outline for double checking mill right before endmill makes contact

Shizo milling fixture


Our Ironworker is heavily used in the shop, versatility and strength are a great combination - just like the Pops Q Tool. A little Rising bumper sticker action was slapped on to make us laugh when things get difficult.


We have the best occupation in the world, making quality American products, but after 12 hours in the shop...well you can get a little burnt out.

DR at Mill