Testing at 10,000 feet

Testing at 10,000 feet

One of our close friends is lucky enough to have an amazing yurt above Park City, Utah at about 10,000 feet in elevation. He is nice enough to allow us all up there to BBQ and hang out in the sun, provided we shovel the snow off the deck! 8 Snowmobiles, 1 Snow Cat, 2 Dogs, 6 Children, 1 bottle of propane a grill and 10 lbs of carne asada to grill for mountain burritos! It turned out to be an awesome day full of family fun and testing of Pops Q Tool in extreme conditions. Heat from the grill and cold from the snow. Ski Touring Up to the YurtThis is the hard way to get to the Yurt.

SnowCat in GarageThis is the easy way.Sleds parked next to SnowCat

 At slow speeds, semi-child friendly.Girls on Sled

Our grill for the high altitutude testing.Propane CampChef Grill at Yurt

Cleaning the grill with Pops Q Tool. No grill brush needed!

Cleaning grill with Pops Q Tool


Serving with just Spatula - Serving burgers with spatula


Later on one of our friends rode his sled up the mountian (left side of this image). It proved to be very tricky. We popped beers afterwards with the back of the Pops Q Tool. This insured that the tool works in all situations!Image from Yurt